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Let’s face it… you’ve got so much going on and you’ve thought about putting together an event for your residents 18 times today alone.  But, between residents walking in your office, employees that need your help, and the list that’s a mile long that your regional wants you to get done, you just don’t have the time to organize the events that you want.

OR… you have the time…right now… don’t know where to start.   Who do you know that’s a DJ?  Who do you call for catering?  How do you get a bartender?


The good news is that we are here to help you do it all.  From brainstorming to planning and execution to clean up, we do it all.  We’ll even design a digital flyer so you can promote it to your residents! 

Our goal is to create an event that allows you to enjoy it yourself, while you get to spend more time with your residents, building their trust, so they renew.

Give us a call, or contact us today to start planning your events!  Whether it’s one event per year, or one event per month, we can help!

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