Moving Tips – A few helpful ways to make moving a little easier to tackle

Now that you’ve found the right Apartment, it’s time to start packing to make that highly anticipated move into your new place! Ready, set…WOW! I bet you didn’t realize how much stuff you actually had, huh?


Here are a few tips (in no particular order) to help you make this project a little easier to tackle

1. Pack an overnight bag with all of the essentials. Let’s face it, after you move it all, chances are that you aren’t going to want to unpack anything that
day. Packing an overnight bag will allow you to pack all your necessary toiletries so you can start fresh in your new place.

2. Wrap your breakables/fragile items in clothing, towels, or blankets. Moving is not cheap, but it can be worth it. Take advantage of clothes, towels, and
blankets to wrap your breakables. This will help you save on bubble wrap and other packing materials

3. Label your boxes. We know this is pretty common. However, what do you label the boxes? Try and label them with the contents of the box, as well as what
room they will be going to. This will help you, or your movers, and make the unloading process a little easier and more organized.

4. Pack dishes vertically in boxes. This will help the chances of them breaking. Also, see #2 about wrapping them!


5. Use your dresser drawers as boxes. Your dresser drawers are already filled. Wrap them in Plastic Wrap to keep everything in tact and folded in them.

6. Sandwich bags…they are your friend! Keep some handy to place any small items (i.e. screws, bolts, etc) in and together. There’s nothing worse than
wanting to set up your TV and don’t have the bolts to hang it on the wall!

7. Take a photo of the back of your electronics! When you are done unloading the truck, and you want to watch TV, it definitely helps to know exactly where
all of the cords and plugs go so you can relax without stress.


8. Pack before you move! Especially if you’re having friends help, make sure everything is packed before they show up to move. Friends can get irritated if
they show up to help you and you don’t have everything ready to go. They are giving up time to help you, so don’t take advantage of their time.

9. Take photos! Especially when it comes to moving out of an Apartment, take photos of how you left it. This may come in handy when trying to get your
security deposit back.

10. Change your address! 2 weeks is a good time frame to allow everything to get changed in the system of all of your bills. Put in the request to change
address so you won’t miss out on any important letters and bills.

11. Moving food from the refrigerator and freezer, especially in Arizona, is not much fun! That being said, do you last grocery shopping 1-2 weeks before you
move. This way, by the time you are moving, you have very little perishable food to worry about.

12. Keep children and Pets out of the way on Moving Day! Especially if it’s a local move, try to hire a sitter to take care of the kids and the pets. This
will cause you less stress and time from having to worry about where they are and what they’re getting into. Plus, it’ll allow you to move everything
faster, without any of them getting in the way.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your new place!

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