How To Get Local Businesses In Front Of New Residents

How to Get Local Businesses in Front of New Residents –

We all know that getting new customers is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business, right?!  There are so many different types of marketing and advertising that it’s difficult to choose the one that will get you the best return on your investment (ROI).  That being said, reverting to a grass roots marketing campaign can always be a great way to stand out, as many businesses have drifted away from this effective means of advertising. is currently working with several Apartment Communities, promoting them to potential tenants throughout the Valley, or to targeted areas directly surrounding their community’s location. One of the benefits to these Communities is that will provide them with complimentary “Welcome Home” Gift Packs for every new tenant that rents within their community.










By utilizing, your business has the opportunity to market to new residents of the immediate surrounding area. They are most likely new to the area and will be looking for businesses close to their new home to utilize for their everyday needs. Perfect timing to tell them about your business!

In addition to the Welcome Bags, offers ad placement on the website.  Apartment seekers have the ability to search by areas. On the results pages the communities will be predominantly displayed with ads for surrounding local businesses on the side.  If the users are searching in a particular area for housing, they will also be looking into what food, entertainment, businesses, etc are in that area. Again, perfect time for your company to show up!

Don’t let one of your competitors beat you to the site! Currently reserving ad space and taking requests to be included in Welcome Bags.

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